Poem Project

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“Barra’s visions allowed the input of other seasoned artists to further expand the possibilities and dimensions of sound through richly innovative & expressively collaborative contributions.”-Impose Magazine

A “masterpiece”-Impose Magazine

Poem Project captures the beauty of interpretation through the unique story each musician is moved to tell when interpreting the same song. The project started with an unexpected performance of my instrumental song Poem by guitarist Adam Brock (Old Wave) and my realization that the initial vision for the mood and sound of the piece was not the only one. This curiosity of how other musicians might interpret, arrange and build on one song sparked the idea for Poem Project. The original piece was derived from Claude Debussy’s Girl with the Flaxen Hair and appeared twice on my album Songs for A Young Heart: in its original form and Brock’s interpretation. I then asked eight different musicians from around the country to write lyrics to and arrange their own version of the song Poem. This collaborative project spanned several years between Winter 2014 and Spring 2017 and includes members from Radiation City and The Shins, Ages and Ages,  The Westerlies, and musicians from L.A, New York City, Austin, and Brown’s hometown of Portland, OR.

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