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Vortex Music Magazine Digital 45 preview

“Rhythm in the Rain” book by Lynn Darroch 2016, Ooligan Press

Vortex Music Magazine-“What the #%$! is Jazz”  Issue 7, 2016

1859 Magazine-vol. 30 May/June 2015

Jazz Scene Magazine-Nov. 2013, feature story “Jazz–Pushing Boundaries…”


Press quotes:

“Hip-Hop’s freshest collaborative masterminds: Korgy & Bass”- Vortex Music Magazine (Full Article)

“[Poem Project] Barra’s visions allowed the input of other seasoned artists to further expand the possibilities and dimensions of sound through richly innovative & expressively collaborative contributions.”-Impose Magazine

“[Korgy & Bass] EP Vol. 1 is one of the Rose City’s most honest efforts at harnessing L.A.’s current Kendrick Lamar-driven tidal wave of sound, a sampler that balances between outright hip-hop and heartier jazz fare in a way that is delectable and captivating”-Willamette Week (Full Article)

“Drummer and composer Barra Brown is among the most creative and ambitious music makers in any field in Portland, OR.”-PJCE Records

“Marrying folk melodies with a symphonic scope, Brown’s compositions are sweeping sonic journeys with ample room to feature his ace quintet...This is one of Portland’s most promising bands, in any genre.“-Willamette Week (Full Article)

“Like those other Portland-bred jazzers Blue Cranes and Esperanza Spalding, Brown stands a real chance of breaking out of the jazz bubble and reaching much broader audiences. “-Willamette Week (Full Article)

“There are seemingly infinite amounts of up-and-coming musicians in Portland, but it’s very rare to find a universally talented musician with such promise. Barra Brown and his quintet stand more of a chance for longevity than the average indie rocker or electronic artist that we’re seeing pop up with increasing frequency.”-Portland Mercury (Full Article)

“[The Wishermen] are following in the footsteps of artists such as Thundercat, Christian Scott, Mark Guiliana and Kneebody, taking jazz training, harmony and rhythmic theory and using it to make beat-heavy art music that doesn’t require the listener to have a conservatory degree to penetrate.”-Willamette Week (Full Article)

“To say that the Barra Brown Quintet simply plays Jazz music would be an immense understatement. Each composition moves effortlessly with taste and talent coalescing into compositions that travel beyond genre. Energetically bouncing between pop, R&B and even old world folk, each song presents a different narrative to appreciate. From the anthemic to reflective, Brown sweeps and swirls with high-caliber percussion, moving each piece into beautiful frenzies of harmony and dissonant interplays that invite the listener into a fluid and expansive landscape of ever-shifting sonic textures. Come en mass, for this is their first performance in Seattle – show them a good time, folks.”-Seattle Weekly

“A tuneful debut album from drummer Barra Brown, whose Songs for a Young Heart  proves that he knows how to tie an idea to a strong melody.”-Bird is the Worm (Full Article)

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